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Customized Speaking for Your Dental Team

Your attendee’s will experience an industry lecture while they learn in a humorous environment. These classes are always on topic, innovative and our speakers are easy to work with. If you need new ideas for topics or customization based on your particular group we have them and we love to customize based on your needs. Our topics are always exciting and full of cutting edge materials.


Current Courses

The Ultimate Team Challenge: Discovering Your DiSC Style

Understanding key communication and behavioral styles is just the start of this interactive team learning course. Each attendee will take and receive a 20 page personalized DiSC Report. The class will explore the 4 DiSC styles while highlighting each team member’s personal style. Discover how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress and how you solve problems. Explore how to adapt your own style to get along better with others, facilitate more effective teamwork and minimize team conflict. All of this in a fun, open and exciting learning environment created for the entire team!

Communication, Coding & Collections: The Three C's of the Profitable Practice

Technology has changed how we go about our daily lives and has dramatically changed how we communicate as a society. The business of dentistry is no different. The use of technology can help streamline the process and increase productivity if managed properly. Follow along for a few hours to learn the Top Technology Tips & Myths attached to them. Let’s explore the Tips and debunk the Myths so you and your team can move forward in a fast and efficient manner.


When the first question a patient asks is "How much will my insurance pay?" our daily lives begin to revolve around insurance. Learn to step out of that mind set and step into customer service, quality health care and ultimately a profitable practice. Discover how excellent communication proper coding and above average collections can impact your practice’s efficiency and financial health. Walk out of this high energy course feeling energized with the realization, the revolution has just changed.


Dynamic Branding & Marketing Bringing Your Story to Life

Have you always wanted to write the story of your life? That is exactly what Social Marketing is. This course will discuss the 3 key components to bringing your story to life, Branding, Marketing and your “Webutation”. Branding is Who You Are; it is the promises that you make to yourself and to your consumers. Marketing is discovering your target audience and implementing how to get the word out. And finally, your life is always changing and so could your “Webutation”, that is why monitoring it is essential. It is your story, let’s bring it to Life!

Would You Like to Dance? Social Media is Playing My Song!

You don't know how to dance?! Do you find it overwhelming with all the songs and steps? Or is it too many sites and too many posts? Social media does not require you to be classically trained, you just need to turn the music on to get started. Today we will learn the first step in every social media dance. Discover which sites you should be using and how to sort through the demographics. Realize it's about quality and not quantity. In the world of social media building relationships is the key to your dance routine. Ready, Set…Let's Dance!

The Numbers Start the Story but They Don't Tell the Whole Story

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are the numbers we use to measure our business success. These key numbers tell us how we are performing and how successful we are as a team. We will examine these numbers, learn how to find them and how to interpret them. Having the ability to pull and examine these numbers are just the start of the story. You can easily identify the good and the bad numbers, but what is next? Understanding the rest of the story is key to your success. Join us as we examine getting the numbers, interpreting the numbers and ultimately effecting change based on the story they initially tell you.

Systems, Teams & Technology, Creating Balance Driven Success in your Practice

Have you ever juggled? Most dental owners juggle every day between the business, the clinical area, the team and your home life. Although it may feel like you have 25 balls in the air, let us walk you through how to prioritize and organize to narrow it down to 3 main areas of your practice with the ultimate goal of a balanced day. Let’s start with clean well defined Systems, making sure there are standard operating procedures to follow. Move next to your Team, the heart of your practice, and understanding techniques to achieve a happy, high performing team. Lastly, we will add Technology. It is only good when it is utilized in an efficient way. It’s time to define and refine this balancing act, Don’t drop the ball!

Your Practice through the Patients Eyes, It's not just about Dentistry

Do you really know your patients? Do they know you? In the life cycle of a patient, it’s not just about how many clicks in the computer or how many restorations you have done. What it is about is how many real conversations you have had, the personal care and the customized touch. Let’s take customer service to a whole new level by learning who your target audience is, what they expect and what they see. A patient’s positive perception is your success. It’s time to put on different glasses and see things in a new perspective!

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