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Top 5 Myths of Working With a Consultant

Have you ever considered working with a coach to enhance your practice? Did you start the conversation then get cold feet at the last minute? Many times when we speak with doctors or team members we are asked numerous questions about our services and how exactly those services work. The initial conversation always starts out well and then eventually we are asked the same 5-7 questions, and the fears of working with consultants are revealed.

Let's take a look at the top 5 myths of working with a coach and discuss why consulting should be a part of your annual budget.

Myth #1 - Our team is fine and we think as a consultant you will come in and fire people.

The goal when working with teams is never to walk in and fire team members. Rather the goal should be to create team cohesion, make sure your systems are effective and you are efficient. There is no sense in working harder, longer and more stressed out hours if you do not have to. The goal is always to work smarter.

Myth #2 - I have purchased books and binders from other consulting firms. We just need to follow the boxed guidelines and things should be fine, right?

No team is the same, therefore no consulting should be the same. Having a boxed set of guidelines to follow will not work for every team. Consulting should be customized to fit your practice, your team and your goals.

Myth #3 - I've been making money each year, we don't need help with that.

Making money each year is important of course, but knowing which systems work and which do not is the only way to ensure continuous success each year. Your business numbers will start the story but more investigation and consistent work will guarantee growth each year.

Myth #4 - My team does not think help from an outside source will work in our office. Especially when you only come meet us once or twice.

It is imperative for any company to get to know your team, what works well for them and what they need help with. No one can know everything in one visit, just as you cannot restore a patient’s mouth in one visit. That is why you should receive visits frequently, such as each quarter for at least 2 days. Having a team centered meeting which includes everyone will also guarantee bonding and teamwork.

Myth #5 - All consultants have a long contract and a big fee.

Just as not all offices are the same, not all consulting packages are the same. If you are not comfortable with a long-term contract with up front fees ask for a monthly contract with monthly fees. Make sure you are working with a firm that understands your wants and needs and can be flexible for you.

Remember the coaching is there to be supportive and helpful not to make your life more stressful. And coaching is never about you being wrong, or feeling bad about yourself. Choose a team to work with that will enhance the great work you have started and make you feel better about being a business owner.