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Refining Your Dental Practice Systems

Step 1: Refine Your Systems

People need guidelines and expectations in order to achieve success. Businesses need those same procedures. Some call them Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) We call them Systems.

The most successful sports teams start their winning game with a huddle and communication and end the game day with a debrief. How does your team start and finish their day? Systems start with a plan, maintain consistency and continue to evolve with the changing times. Whether you need an agenda for a morning huddle or a system for tray set up, we have the answers for you. Our team can help you identify which systems you need and then build a manual that is specific to your needs and your team.

KPI's and The Business of Dentistry

The numbers start the story but they never tell the whole story. In order for us to assist you in where you are going, we must understand where you have been. We can't change the history of your practice or your growth, however, we will analyze your Key Performance Indicators to help predict the future. Each month we will gather, analyze and report your business of dentistry to you and your key lead team members. We will communicate what is working well and what needs attention. Our team will also ensure your team has the tools needed to set the trends in a positive direction. Do you need the leadership to follow through with the action list? Our team can work directly with your team to ensure all action items are accomplished.

Vision and Mission

Do you have a strategic planning session each year? Do you look at your past and set goals for your future? Understanding the "Why" and the "What" of your practice and your dream are key components in your success. A vision statement is where do you want to be in your future, your mission is how will you get there and what is your philosophy. Our team will work directly with you to discover and define your Mission and your Vision. Strategic planning will help you answer and outline your financial, productive and team goals. Our future is always changing and so should our Vision.

It is imperative to have systems in business.

The most important step is the first one. Are you ready?

Step 2: Build A Winning Team


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